Indiazinha – João Fucci x Lito


10% of the proceeds from this work will be donated to SOS Amazônia, to preserv the forest! Unlockable content with link to use the AR full experience.

This painting was created as a way to pay tribute to the Amazon forest through the Indian. The nature, joy and purity of a child radiate bright tones framed in a blue sky, to convey the need to preserve our forests and culture through the smile of a child. Preserving indigenous peoples is preserving the culture and soul of our country. João Fucci, 2021.

I really enjoy researching other artists and also doing collaborative projects, like this piece with João Fucci. Our visual identity and line of creation is different, but in this work we managed to unify and transform it into a complete art with distinct characteristics, bringing the classic hand painting, with my digital art and finally the AR interaction, all in one art! Lito, 2021.